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Mother Snatches Her Daughter’s Husband After Sleeping With Him


Wonders shall never end! A married man is regretting the kind of wife he married after she eloped with their son-in-law, their daughter’s husband, leaving family members in serious shock.

There was drama in the area as news broke that a mother actually snatched her daughter’s husband after having s*x with the young man.

The shocking incident which happened in Zimbabwe has become a hot news in the community as the woman’s husband is now living in regrets.

According to ZimNews, 56yrs old Miriam left her husband Simon whom she has 7 children with, to stay with her new lover 34yrs old Mapako who was once her son-in-law.

Mapako also left his 24yrs old wife Gracious and two children behind to be with his mother-inlaw.

It was gathered that the two were secretly having an affair before finally deciding to run away.

“He and his mother-in-law were close since long back. All along we thought it was just a harmless relationship, not knowing it was more than that,” said a family member.

Reacting, the woman’s husband said:

“My wife has embarrassed me and the whole family. The whole village is talking about her and she seems not to care. She left me with the children and the youngest is 10 years old and still needs her mother’s care… l did not think she would end like this.”

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