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Jay Z’s Alleged Love Child ‘Devastated’ Over Beyonce Baby News



As Jay Z and Beyonce bask in baby joy, has learned that the man who claims he’s the rapper’s secret son is “devastated” over the couple’s pregnancy announcement.

A s Radar reported, Rymir Satterthwaite continues to wage war against the rapper to prove, once and for all, that he is ALSO his child. And the news that Jay Z is expecting twins with Beyonce rocked him to his core, a source told Radar.

 Rymir is absolutely devastated by the fact that Jay Z is boasting about

Beyonce becoming pregnant with twins, because he thinks Jay Z won’t even take care of the child that he already has!”“It’s just sad at this point,” the pal added. “Rymir is not going to be put off by Jay Z anymore and he will continue to fight until justice is served. Rymir really would love to meet his siblings one day when it is proven that Jay Z, is, in fact, his dad!

Radar was the first to obtain court documents, alleging that Shawn Corey Carter, known as Jay Z, has been trying to avoid taking a paternity test that could prove he fathered Rymir, 23 – whose mother, Wanda Satterhtwaite claims she had steamy sex sessions with Jay Z in 1992.

As Radar previously reported, the Satterthwaites – along with Rymir’s godmother, Lillie Colliedo not stand alone in their battle. The case, which is headed to Federal Court, is now championed by the Family Civil Liberties Union (FCLU), as well as a slew of other nationwide advocacy group

FCLU President, Gregory Roberts, told Radar that he believes the case is quite simple and could be settled if Jay Z would just agree to take the DNA test!

“Congratulation to Shawn Carter (AKA Jay Z) and Beyonce with the announcement of future additions to their family,” FCLU President, Mr. Roberts, said in a statement to Radar.

“To usher in their new twins, it would be wonderful if Mr. Carter would close lose ends and subject to a paternity test to either clear the confusion, or welcome another member of his family into the fold. Thankfully, with today’s genetic advancements, Mr. Carter could easily and efficiently clear his name and rest easily knowing that he has not forgotten a loved one by mistake

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