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Monday, February 13th, 2017


Xenophobic Attacks on Nigerians and Other Immigrants in South Africa

At least 15 houses either belonging to or rented by immigrants especially Nigerians have been burnt by angry residents in Rosettenvile south of Johannesburg in South Africa. The residents were reported to be angry that foreign nationals had turned the neighbourhood into a drug haven. Africa Review reported yesterday that some shops belonging to foreign nationals in the area were also looted. South African residents in the area claimed Nigerians had illegally taken over most properties and turned them into drug and prostitution dens.

Army Lifts Ban on Dreadlocks, and Black Servicewomen Rejoice

Black women serving in the United States Army are cheering revised regulations that permit hair locks, ending what critics said were years of scrutiny and confusing enforcement. The Army directive says that each lock, or dreadlock, “will be of uniform dimension; have a diameter no greater than a half-inch; and present a neat, professional and well-groomed appearance.”