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I Raped 200 Women, Slaughtered 500’ – 21-Year-Old Terrorist Confesses

A 21-year-old Islamic terrorist captured by security forces has admitted killing hundreds of people and raping “more than 200 women.”

The militant had described how he moved from home to home, raping terrified women.

He also told of how he slaughtered around 500 victims — either by beheading them or by putting a blindfold on them and firing a bullet into their skull.

He said his actions were considered “normal” among the terror group’s ranks.

“We shot whoever we needed to shoot and beheaded whoever we needed to beheaded,” the captured militant said.

The 21-year-old described how he and fellow fighters would take their victims into the desert, where they would sit them down and blindfold them.

“Seven, eight, 10 at a time. Thirty or 40 people. We would take them in desert and kill them,” he claimed.

“I would sit them down, put a blindfold on them and fire a bullet into their heads.”

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