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The Expensive Blackmail of Stephanie Otobo


There has been social media frenzy over the trash story from one Stephanie Otobo said to reside in Canada about her amorous relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleman. Anyway you look at the story you cannot but wonder what a fake news it is. Everything about her story from top to bottom is so disjointed. Any discerning mind can see red flag all over her tale by noon light. Bloggers are having a field day with this fake story just to draw traffic. Sahara report thrive on sensationalism. Check out the pictures poorly photoshoped too amateurish. I am a blogger but an ethical blogger. I do not thrive on fake news.

Let examine her story;

  • She was impregnated by Apostle  Suleman because he wanted more male children but the one strong weapon she has as evidence she said it was aborted. Fake news.
  • Marriage introduction has been done, debunked by the father, another fake news
  •  Apostle Suleman promised a stripper a  marriage and leave a virtuous wife. Fake news.
  • Apostle Suleman licks her body from head to toe. Her body must have been made of  vanilla ice cream mixed with honey. The body must be the body of Brooke Shield when she was younger, Tyra bank or Naomi Campbell. Fake news.

Apostle Suleman is an anointed man of God  and 100% genuine man of God. Unlike the older generations of Pastors who allow their Pastors and workers to live in abject poverty he is one the new generation pastors that takes good care of their Pastors and workers. He prays and deliver people and has helped numerous people financially  and most of these people he has never met them before.  This stripper has decided to exploit the generosity of this man of God. However, whatever a man sows he/she will reap. She is sowing the wind she is going to reap whirlwind.  Karma will catch up with her.

Keyamo Connection

I am just curious to note that whenever there is a controversial or scandalous case people approach Keyamo. Why can`t they approach Femi Falana, Agbakoba or any other notable lawyer why must it always be Keyamo. He is demanding 500m from apostle Suleman for fake news.I want to ask his client if he has made 1m in her wretched life.

 Collateral Damage

It takes a man of steel not to be affected by this negative publicity all over the social media. The reputation built over the years is being put to question by one action of a daughter of Jezebel. Many people are so gullible, they cannot read in between the line, fish brain, they believe everything line, hook and sinker. No matter the strong proof and argument  they believe just anything. For some seed of doubt has been sown in their heart against the man of God.

MJ said lie runs a sprint but truth runs a marathon. No matter how long it takes truth shall prevail over falsehood.

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Written By:

Wendy Prince Adeyemi



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