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Shocking couple only communicate via Whatsapp

A GWERU couple is living proof of jokes that usually circulate on social media on how relationships will soon exist through only communicating via WhatsApp while the lovers live in the same house.

According to Charmaine Moyo (25) her husband Arnold Machekera (31) whom she has been married to for three months has not said a single word to her for a full month and only sends WhatsApp messages when he wants to communicate.

Moyo said the reason why her husband has not been talking to her was because she left him two months after they had been married because he started coming home late and sometimes spending nights away from home.

“I left because he wasn’t treating me right and when I tried to correct him he was just cold. I went back to my father’s house in Bulawayo and he came for me asking me to come back but as soon as I got back he told me that I shouldn’t have left and told my family our problems and that was the last time he spoke to me,” said Moyo.

The troubled Moyo said her husband’s behaviour had depressed her as she felt neglected and lonely.

“I try to talk to him sometimes but he doesn’t say a word. This is killing me because our love was so perfect before we got married. We met at MSU (Midlands State University) and dated for four years before we got married. He was so sweet and gentle, I just don’t know what changed,” said Moyo.

Breaking into tears the new bride said she suspected her husband was having an affair.

“He’s the kind of person who doesn’t want people discussing his personal issues and I understand that but I just told my parents, it’s not like I discussed our problems with strangers. The reason why I’m even talking right now is because I’m tired and considering leaving him because I can’t live like this,” she said.

“I only hear his voice when he’s talking to other people on the phone. He chats and laughs with other people and ignores me. My life is so miserable I won’t lie and the pain is just too much. He doesn’t abuse me physically but the pain is unbearable and he hasn’t touched me ever since I got back, we just live like brother and sister,” she added.

When Machekera was confronted about the issue being a man of few words he refused to comment and just clicked his tongue.

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