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Kendall Jenner`s Jewlry Theft An Inside Job-Police

Police believe that Kendall Jenner`s jewlry theft from her Hollywood home was an “inside job.”

While initial reports suggested that the $200,000 theft was burglary, new details have emerged that the 21-year-old was in the house having a party with friends at the time, so is likely to know the thief.

According to TMZ she called the police at 1 a.m. on Thursday as she noticed the jewels were missing from her bedroom and was scared someone was still in her house.

When cops arrived Jenner told them she had been having a party with a group of friends and at one point an alarm had gone off but she thought nothing of it.

A police source also revealed that Jenner left her friends in her house at around midnight and returned an hour later to find her jewelry box open and immediately called the police.

The LAPD now believe that this was an inside job and that a guest stole from her.


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