Marriage of 15 years collapses after wife forgets husband’s birthday

BIRTHDAYS are a big deal for a Cowdray Park man who sent his wife packing for forgetting his 45th birthday.

Sharon Moyo (40) learnt the hard way not to take things for granted when her husband Hope Gumbo (45) angrily told her to leave their matrimonial home to live with her friends.

What ticked Gumbo off was that his wife ALWAYS remembered other people’s birthdays but his.

“I’m devastated, I have been married to her for 15 years but in those 15 years we have stayed together she has never remembered my birthday but I always remember hers and I even spoil her on her birthday,” he said.

That worried him enough to keep a close eye on her “birthday” problem.

“I have been watching her for sometime, she remembers her male friends’ birthdays but when it comes to mine she totally forgets and doesn’t care. I don’t know whether she forgets or she does that deliberately to piss me off,” said a devastated Gumbo.

However, Moyo has a different opinion concerning Gumbo sending her packing because of a birthday issue.

“I don’t think a man can end a 15-year marriage over a petty issue like this one. I suspect that he has a girlfriend somewhere because how can he send me packing for forgetting his birthday,” Moyo argued.

Gumbo said what made him angry was that after reminding her that it was his birthday she refused to spend the day with him celebrating.

“At first I thought maybe she had forgotten that it was my birthday but when I reminded her that it was, she refused to go out with me saying that buying a cake and having fast foods was wasting money. Clearly I am not important in her life so she should go to those people she thinks their birthdays are worth celebrating,” Gumbo added.

Source-B Metro

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