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A woman who was trying to commit suicide by jumping into the Lagos Lagoon has been rescued by fishermen.

According to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State,  the elderly woman identified as Abigail Ogunyinka told him she had taken a loan from a microfinance  bank to finance her Amala business , but she has not been able to pay up.

The woman said she had defaulted on payment for the loan for two weeks, and out of shame she wanted to kill herself.

She said she was afraid of the shame that would come to her.

The Woman , Abigail Ogunyinka, who spoke to TVC news in Yoruba, said the money she owes the Microfinance bank is N150,000  .

When asked why she went to the Lagoon with her house girl, she said it was so that the house girl will tell people her story, when she would have committed suicide.

She also added that she did not want the bank to think she ran away, so the house girl would have informed the bank of her demise.

The CP of police said he would investigate the matter, and if it is true, they would look for a way to pay off the loan.

He also said he would take her to the staff hospital for checkup.

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