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Is this the world’s most beautiful grandmother? Glamorous fashion blogger looks like supermodel half her age

Could this be the world’s youngest looking, most glamorous grandmother.

Fashion blogger ‘Zaklina’, 47, is wowing the world after becoming a social media star.

Zaklina is a 47-year-old nan but that does not stop her strutting her stuff on social media.

The grandma of two young kiddies originally from Serbia goes by the name ‘realfashionist’ on social media and she regularly posts pictures of herself wearing outfits, which her followers then rate.

Her athletic figure and elegant style make her the envy of models decades years her junior.

She is a passionate fashion blogger and says she picked up her fashion tips from living in various countries such as Switzerland, France and Poland.

She currently lives in one of Europe’s fashion hubs, Italy.

Zaklina posts every picture with the hashtag grandmotherthatlovesfash​ion to the delight of her 157,000 followers.

She has posed in all sorts of outfits, showing off accessories from watches to glasses.

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