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Maradona Connection In Lionel Messi`s FIFA ban

Hours before Argentina`s World Cup qualifier against Bolivia,  star man Lionel Messi was hit with a four-match ban from FIFA.

According to reports, FIFA did not even tell the Argentina Football Association (AFA) before releasing the statement on their website.

Messi was banned for verbally abusing the referee during last weekend’s World Cup qualifier against Chile.

Despite already missing Tuesday’s game against Bolivia, the AFA are set to contest the ban with FIFA.

Maradona involvement

Ahead of kick-off, reports on social media circulated surrounding Diego Maradona’s involvement in the ban.

Maradona, who managed Messi at the 2010 World Cup, is now a FIFA ambassador.

Journalist Gonza Stupenengo  reported that Maradona gave the go-ahead for the four match ban.

“I spoke someone who works at FIFA and he confirmed to me that Maradona pushed for Messi’s sanction,” Stupenengo tweeted.

If this turns out to be true, it could have massive implications for both Messi and Maradona’s future with the AFA.

FC Barcelona @FCdaily`s tweet.

”Maradona as an ambassador of FIFA gave the go-ahead to Messi’s 4 game ban decision.”

Keep hating the greatest ever..


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