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Kim Jong-nam`s Body Released To North Korea – ends diplomatic spat

Malaysia releases body of Kim Jong-nam and allows North Koreans to depart, as Pyongyang frees Malaysians in return.

he body of Kim Jong-nam, half brother of North Korea’s leader, has been released to the communist country, ending a drawn-out diplomatic drama over his murder with VX nerve agent at a Malaysian airport.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a statement on Thursday the coroner approved the move “following the completion of the autopsy on the deceased and receipt of a letter from his family requesting the remains be returned to North Korea”.

Kim was assassinated at Kuala Lumpur’s airport on February 13 after the chemical weapon was smeared on his face    by   two women, according to Malaysian authorities.

An Indonesian woman and Vietnamese woman have been charged with murder.

The attack outraged Malaysia and sparked the diplomatic row with North Korea, resulting in travel bans on both sides and a collapse in long-standing friendly ties.

Najib also said nine Malaysians barred from leaving North Korea because of the row had been allowed to board a plane to leave Pyongyang, adding on Twitter it was expected to reach Kuala Lumpur at 5am Malaysian time (2100 GMT).

North Korean citizens in Kuala Lumpur will also be allowed to return home, he said.

Source Al Jezera



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