The Man Called The Supreme Prophet – Dr. Chris Okafor

Dr. Chris Okafor is the Senior Pastor and President of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries  based in Lagos and with branches in Africa, Europe and America. He is also known as the Oracle basically because of his accurate prophesies. He majors in deliverance, healing, foundation and evil altars. He is a dynamic man of  God with unusual anointing, miracle and power of God. A televangelist well known in the country, Africa and around the world. Many remarkable miracles are often occurrence in his ministry.

Due to the unusual prophetic grace he has prophesied many national and international events that came to pass.  He prophesied about the Dana air crash, he also prophesied  about the Russian aircraft bound for Syria  carrying a famed military band to entertain Russia`s forces that crashed into the Black Sea  December, 2016. He also prophesied about the eradication of Ebola in Nigeria which happened according to his prophesy.  He is so good that he demystify mysteries no matter the problem or circumstances.

He is the founder of Chris Okafor Humanity Foundation that caters for the underprivileged in skill acquisition and training and take off capital, scholarships for students, support for widows and orphans and many more.

Dr Okafor is also the founder of Chris Okafor World Outreach Ministry  GOWOM. Through this medium the gospel is been  taken around the world. As he traverse  Africa, Europe, America and Asia with the gospel.

According to him he has a mandate to reach one billion souls with the gospel. Building of schools, housing, hospital among others.

He is the founder of Liberation television station that broadcast programmes 24/7 to Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

Dr. Chris Okafor is a prolific writer as he has authored books such as Changing Family Altars and Patterns Volume1, Changing Family Altars and Patterns Volume 2, Dealing with Enemies Behind The Scen and The Jinx Breaker.

He has also been at the forefront in the defense of Christians and Christianity in the country in the midst of deafening silence from most christian leaders in the country. Another Pastor ask christians to defend themselves.

As you celebrate your birthday we wish you many  more years of fruitful service to God and humanity.








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  1. Fatimat Saubana-Coker. says:

    Happy birthday Papa.wishing you many happy returns.More Grace, more anointing in Jesus mighty name.

  2. Tintin says:

    Happy Birthday Man of God, May God give you many years of grace and health, and the Lord give you your true half for life so that this woman may bring you “the rest of the warrior.”

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