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Why Rev Tim Omotosho Sorrounds Himself With Young Girls

I wonder why Rev. Tim Omotosho Nigerian televangelist  the senior pastor of Jesus Dominion International Durban  South Africa should be arrested like a common criminal in a gang like manner by the South African Police. According to his lawyer “There was no talk about an arrest as he is not an accused, only a suspect” Terry Price was quoted to have said. They are worst than [Zimbabwean President Robert] Mugabe’s thugs in Zimbabwe.

He was apprehended at the Port Elizabeth Airport in the restroom minutes after his flight from Durban landed on Thursday.

Rev Tim Omotosho is being accused of luring young girls for sex and human trafficking.  According to a report a record number of girls have come forth to accuse him of sexual exploitation.

Accusations like these are neither here nor there because people try to follow the bandwagon. There might be rivalry within  the Pastoral community which could lead to de marketing of another church through what we are now seeing. How can one be sure that these girls are not been teleguided by other forces just to bring the man down. I am not ruling out the allegations in its entirety.  We are familiar with Stephanie Otobo allegations whose both parents disassociated themselves from her claims and allegations.

I personally have always wondered why Rev Omotosho surrounds himself with young girls wearing seductive   dresses that expose their anatomy and leaves less to imagination. However, that does not mean he is guilty of the charges. With such girls surrounding him many people may be wondering what goes behind the scene.


Omotosho who was born in Ibadan moved from England to South Africa in 2001.

According to him he was taught by the Lord to play the piano, the guitar, drums and other musical instruments before the age of 10. In the 1980s, he served as a music director for Ebenezer Obey`s Decross Band & Inter Reformers’ Band in the 80s.

Omotoso has initiated a youth project in South Africa called “Youth Empowerment Project” (YEP), under which he has mentored a number of music groups including Grace Galaxy and Simply Chrysolite who have composed their own songs and produced albums under his guidance.

He is hosts to  national and International interdenominational meetings every month including “House of Jacob,” “Holy Ghost Clinic” and an annual Holy Ghost Week. They aim at rebuilding people’s broken wall of faith and exposing the power and wisdom of God


Most of his members have kind words to say about him. A member describe him as a people’s person, who “loves the youth and hates poverty”, the woman believes Omotoso’s prayers helped her secure a bond and a new job He is a mentor to youth. He has helped to rebuild lives that would have been destroyed by drugs and gangsterism.

He has been denied bail and will remain in prison until 3rd of May. I pray he regains freedom and try to make changes to his way of life especially with young girls and flamboyancy that generate negative publicity.



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