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Richest man in history Mansa Musa worth over $400 billion

Mansa meaning sultan or emperor was the title given to Musa Keita I. He was the tenth Mansa of the wealthy West African Mali empire and recorded as the richest man in history.

It will surprise many to know that this man said to be worth over $400 Billion was African. Contrary to popular believe, Africans ruled empires in the 1300s and slavery was not the beginning of the African race as we are taught.

A little research will lead each African to the truth of who they really are and being powerful is one character trait within the black race.  Mansa Musa is known as the richest man that ever lived. Well, next to Solomon, if you believe in the Bible.

Musa not only reigned as a rich and powerful king but during his time, conquered 24 cities, each with surrounding districts containing villages and estates. Musa was known to be extremely wealthy and his contemporaries regarded him as being inconceivably rich. In fact, no one can really tell how rich he was worth, as the Mansa himself was unaware how much he was truly worth in figures or numbers.

What is beautiful about this piece of history is the richest man in all history was African. So, the next time you think Africans are less than blessed, remember, we have made history one too many times.

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