Tunisian Women Reconstruct Their Hymen To Remain Virgin

In Tunisia, young women are expected to be virgins when they marry. Many have found an easy solution and that is having a hymenoplasty to reconstruct their hymen.

A young lady said “I consider this to be deception and I’m really worried.”

The young lady Yasmine said that she is having a hymenoplasty, a short procedure that promises to reconstruct her virginity surgically.We claim to live in a modern society… but there’s not much modernity when it comes to women’s sexuality and freedom Samia Elloumi, Sociologist

Her wedding is due to take place in two months’ time and the 28-year-old is worried that her husband will find out she is not a virgin.

She has come here to turn back the clock but is concerned that at some point in the future the truth may come out.

“I might one day inadvertently betray myself in a conversation with my husband,” she says. “Or my husband may have… suspicions.”

Many, like Yasmine, are seeking to disguise the fact that they are not virgins.

But hymens can tear for other reasons too, such as tampon use, leaving women worried that they may be accused, falsely, of having had sex before marriage.

Rachid a gynaeoclogist said there is nothing exceptional. “But here some doctors refuse to do it. I personally do it because I disagree with those who make virginity a sort of sacred thing.

“It really annoys me. This is a manifestation of a male-dominated society covered up in some religious principles. I mean it when I say it’s male dominance and I’ll continue to wage an all-out war against it.”

Tunisia is regarded as a leader in women’s rights in North Africa but religion and tradition here dictate that young women have to remain virgins until they are married.

There is also provision in Tunisian law for divorce in cases where women are discovered not to be virgins.

A 29-year-old Tunisian student is getting married next year. He was asked if he cares whether his fiancée is a virgin.

“For me it’s very, very important,” he says.

“If I find out that she’s not a virgin after the wedding, I’ll never trust her again. I’ll consider it a betrayal. And I don’t believe in hymenoplasty operations. I don’t think it works.”

Sitting next to him another student said that the Tunisian tradition is too harsh on women.

“For me, this is pure hypocrisy,” he says. “Young men can freely have sex before marriage, so why do we blame young girls when they do so?”














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