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How Pop Star Katy Perry Left Jesus For The World

Katy Perry one of the most famous entertainers in the world and pop singer, in the beginning was a church girl.  Born to Mary Hudson  a minister’s wife, a gifted preacher, an author and a mentor to many Christian women.  Katy tried her hand on gospel music but her first attempt in 2001 was not a success.

When she was age 17 she moved to Hollywood and eventually signed a deal with a secular record company. She became an overnight sensation in 2008 with the release of her racy hit single, “I Kissed a Girl.”For that reason, many Christians turn a cold shoulder to Mary and her husband, Keith.

According to Katy`s mother Mary When Katy sang to Christian audiences as a girl, “the anointing for worship was incredible,People would just weep.

Katy has disavowed her Christian upbringing at various times even though she has inside of her  wrist tattooed “Jesus.”

her mother certainly never expected things would turn out this way. When she was pregnant with Katy, an evangelist prayed over her and declared, “This child will do something great for God.” When Katy was 9 years old, a charismatic minister prophesied that she would stand before kings and presidents. Katy wrote worship songs as a young girl and began performing solos in church.

Katy 32 worth $125m has more Twitter followers than anyone on the planet earth. She performed at a private party for President Obama at the White House and half time super bowl 2015.  most of her fan base knows she was raised in a Christian home by conservative parents

Hudson was devastated when she listened to the lyrics of her songs and realised that her daughter was heading to a wrong direction.  “I felt like I was flattened to the wall,” Mary says.

According to Hudson It hasn’t been easy.“The devil definitely tries to steal my joy,” Mary  said. “I sometimes have to fight depression.” A few years ago, Mary anchored her soul to Psalm 113:9, which says, “He gives the barren woman a dwelling, making her the joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord!”

“You have to take your mind off your own situation and focus on others if you are ever going to see the light of day,” Mary says. “Pouring myself into the Arise conferences has been a lifeline. Not only have thousands of women been helped, but with every meeting, my faith gets cranked up a notch.”

The Hudsons also have chosen to love Katy no matter what. They stay in close contact with her, and Hudson sometimes takes calls in the middle of the night from Katy because of her non-stop concert schedule. After the terrorist attack that killed 22 people at pop star Ariana Grande`s concert she called her mother for prayers.

According to Hudson parents who have children that are prodigal should love them and pray for them.

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