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“Evans’ Escaped Victim Is In More Danger,” Police Reacts To Claim

Following the arrest of billionaire kidnap kingpin and criminal mastermind, Evans, sources close to one of his victims, Chief Dona Dunu who escaped custody after paying N150 million as ransom has cried out that the victim’s life is in more danger.

According to a source close to the kidnap kingpin’s victim, men of the Nigerian police have failed to provide him with security after he escaped from Evans’.

The source close to the victim said: “Our brother not only narrated how he heard the voice of one of his workers while in captivity but also gave vivid details of how his abductors were reeling out details of his company activities before collecting a huge ransom.

“All we are saying is that police abysmally failed to live up to billing in the court and even while investigating the suspected members of his staff.

“We strongly believe that one of the members of Evan’s gang who was arrested with his wife is related to one of the suspected workers, and the fact that they denied knowing him does not mean that he should be freed. If not, how did they get information about the 40 cars he gave to his dedicated staff sometime ago. How did they know about his warehouse? These are related issues that should make police investigate them properly.”

The Police has however reacted to the claim made by sources close to the escaped victim as it claimed Chief Dunu has not been showing up since he escaped.

Police source noted: “As soon as he got his freedom, he disappeared without giving police his contact. We managed to get him to make statements later and after that, we did not see him again. Just imagine, almost all the victims have been coming forward, not only to commend police for the arrest of their tormentor, but to also make useful statements that could assist us carry out successful investigations into the criminal activities of the gang and their leader but Chief Dunu remains incommunicado.

“What do you expect us to do? Go and arrest and force him to aid our investigations or what?”


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