Meet North Korean most famous woman and news reader-video

The most famous woman in North Korea and Probably the most famous news reader in the world Ri Chun-hee. When she makes a rare appearance on North Korean television everybody knows there is an  important announcement to be made especially about the achievements of the one party state.

Kim Jong-un is thought to want her personally to deliver his party’s messages to the world.

Ri Chun-hee has cried, laughed and shouted on Korean Central Television for over forty years.

Nobody knows for certain how old she is, but Ri Chun-hee is thought to be in her seventies.

She was the one chosen to announce the deaths of previous leaders Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il to the country.

She was on hand to announce Tuesday about North Korea’s successful test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, a weapon that one day might threaten the U.S. mainland.

According to Ri Chun-hee whose favourite colour is pink want to remain behind the scene to train emerging young broadcasters.

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