Okorocha confessed I was shocked when I saw the president

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state who was among the APC delegation to  president Buhari in London confessed he was shocked to find the president in good health. This is against the news that he was on life support.

Speaking in an interview on Channel television he said “All I can say is that Mr. President is in good health, he is not on life support and he will soon be back. And he is not in the hospital. I was thinking I was going to see him in the hospital, but he is not even in the hospital.

“He was at home relaxing and having a good time. When I made inquiries as to why he is still waiting, why he is still not back home, all I got as an answer is that he is just taking some vitamins to increase his appetite to regain his lost weight.

“But I think the man is in good spirits and I think the prayers of Nigerians have worked to a great extent and President Buhari is coming back in full force to resume his work. What Nigerians should be talking about now is what should be his next line of action.”

He also said he was ready to abandon his presidential ambition should the president decides to contest for the 2019 presidential election.

According to him “I saw a man that was quite healthy, in high spirits and very sound, except for the fact that he has lost a bit of weight.”



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