How Rochas Okorocha sacrificed his leg to become a governor-FFK

Former aviation minister and a chieftain of People Democratic Party who has been having a war of words with Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state has alleged that the Imo state Governor sacrificed his leg to the devil for money making ritual just to be governor. Saying now it rotting, it stinks you limp  and you are in pain.

According to him “the pain won`t go. The wound won`t heal. It will get worse and it will kill you. My advice?. Leave politics and renounce your covenant with satan”.

This was in reaction to a statement by the Chief Press Secretary Sam Onwuemeodo Rochas Okorocha that spoiled and over pampered children do not know what it takes to have self-discipline and respect for others. They see everybody as ice-cream, tom-tom, yogurt and indomie noddle. Hence they can abuse anybody not minding the gaps. Saying that ‘native sense’ has eluded him.

According to the statement governor Rochas Okorocha has succeeded in business, in politics, in education and as governor without brandishing any name except God.

The tweets:

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