I have not been sick in last 31 years- 72 years Uganda President

The Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has claimed that he has not fallen sick since 1986 when he assumed leadership of Uganda.

He said “Have you ever heard that Museveni has fallen sick and my legs hanged in hospital for the last 31 years?”  Museveni, 72, was speaking at an event in eastern Uganda to mark the launch of a translation of the Bible into a local language, Lugwere.

“This is because I observe some of these health tips which have eventually helped me to prevent some of these diseases,” he delared, Museveni who was re-elected in 2016 in an election marred by allegations of irregularities.

According to him some of the ways to stay heady include getting vaccination for disease, sleeping under mosquito nets treated with insecticides in and staying off alcohol.

He also recommended a good diet, high standards of personal hygiene and drinking clean and safe water as ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Museveni said “Most diseases that overwhelm these hospitals and health centers can be prevented if the people can improve on their hygiene and sanitation,”  claiming that 75 percent of registered cases are preventable.

The healthy life of president Museveni runs contrary to several other African leaders who are plagued with different health challenges while in the office.

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