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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive in Africa amid question if this is it

Prince Harry and Meghan arrived Southern Africa Friday for romantic get away. Meghan who is celebrating her 36th birthday both touched down at the Airport on her birthday.

People are already asking if this is it. A source say “Everyone is expecting an engagement to happen very soon. Every time she comes back from England there’s this urge to be like, ‘So, did it happen?’. But I realise that’s ridiculous and unfair to put that kind of pressure on a couple.

“From conversations Meghan has about Harry, you can tell it’s incredibly serious and the things her and Harry talk about now are very much future-focused – her work plans, his work plans, travelling, where they’ll live…

“I know it seems a lot to be talking about after a year but when you know, you know. They knew they loved each other very early on.”

Harry 32 and fifth in line to the throne would seek the Queen`s permission before marrying.

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