World Athletics Championship- Usain Bolt Beaten To Third Position

The World Athletic Championship 100m race has come and gone with the expectation of many dashed as Usain Bolt running his last race before retirement was beaten to the third position. Usain Bolt 31 was beaten by justin Gatlin 35 of USA in 9.92sec – 0.02 to claim the gold and Christian Coleman also of USA claimed the  silver.

The crowd in the stadium went silent before they collectively booed in disgust because Gatlin was not the champion they were expecting.

Before Saturday night’s semi-finals  Bolt had run 142 races since the start of 2008 – and won all but seven of them.

It was Bolt’s first defeat for more than four years, since being beaten by Gatlin in Rome in June 2013.

Usain Bolt greatest enemy is his usual slow start which makes him to work harder to catch up with lost time and in this case he could not undo the damage.

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