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Fan suing Usher for failure to disclose his herpes status

Two women and a man  are suing Usher for failing to tell them that he had herpes before sleeping with them.

On  Monday, one of the alleged victims, Quantasia Sharpton, spoke at a press conference in New York City The 21 year old said she had sex with the singer after attending one of his concerts for her 19th birth.

On July 19, documents were leaked online, showing that in 2012, Usher admitted in court documents to having herpes. Because he settled that case, it was never reported at the time.

But once the documents were made public last month, a woman who said she slept with Usher in April filed a $20million lawsuit against him for giving her the disease.

Quantasia Sharpton, 21 (right), is suing Usher for reportedly having sex with her and not telling her he had herpes. She's pictured above at a press conference on Monday in New York City with her attorney Lisa Bloom (left)

The latest lawsuit comes after another woman sued Usher (pictured in July 2015) last month for allegedly giving her the disease 

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