Igbos Are Not Jews – Science Reveals

The aim to link the Igbo community with Jews has fallen apart after science proved that Igbos and Jews are in no way related in terms of the ancestral lineage.

The result obtained via DNA analysis comes after members of the Re­deemed Israel Commu­nity of Nazarene Association, RICON, proposed a link between Jews and Igbos.

The result of the DNA analysis was disclosed by the international President of Jewish Voice Ministries, Rab­bi Jonathan Bernis, who announced the result in Nnewi.

According to him, the result came back after saliva samples were taken to prove or disprove the hypothesis.

Members of the group were greeted with the news at Uruagu-Nnewi after the test result disproved the claims made by the Ndig­bos that Igbo are descent of Israel.

Rabbi Bernis who read the test result on Saturday said the laboratory based in Houston, Texas, the United States of America, USA, revealed that the samples collected randomly from Igbo­land bear no semblance with the database contained in the laboratory.

The president of the group further revealed that none of the 124 specimens taken from Nigeria matched the samples in the Houston labora­tory.

He however added that the result does not rule out the claims that Igbos are not related to Jews.
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