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Check out this breasts towel is breaking the internet-video

This is The Ta-Ta towel new lounge wear invention specially designed for breasts by Erin Robertson from Los Angeles.

She came up with this idea when she could not stop sweating underneath the breast while getting ready for a date.

Ta Ta Towel is something that most women can relate to because breast sweat is common problem women are faced with and sometimes it can be embarrassing.

The Ta-Ta towel is like a scarf which has two separate cups that lifts and holds the breast up while keeping it dry at the same time. Be it after-bath, swimming or an intensive workout session, this new towel is great for breastfeeding moms too!

 “The ultra-soft rayon liner was made with sensitive nipples in mind and also absorbs any breast milk that might leak out during feeding.” – explained Robertson on her website

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