Boxer Amir Khan Apologises to Anthony Joshua over wrong accusation of affair with his wife

Amir Khan who earlier accused Anthony Joshua of having affair with his wife, today finally took to Tweeter to address his suspicious affair.

In his tweeter post he said `Glad all is cleared up and all lies. I got angry like any man would. No truth to it. Good to know.”

Replying to his tweet Anthony wrote: “Apology accepted.”

Anthony Joshua camp is not satisfied with the insincere message he just want the whole thing to be over and done with, it’s just ridiculous.

AJ's camp are far from happy with the apology but we just want to draw a line under it now`.

Also Amirs wife took to Instagram to address her fans. She said I`ve been quiet for sometime because I myself didn’t  know whats going on. Everything that going on is just not right and a complete misunderstanding`…

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