Steve Harvey Slammed Over Prime Seat At Mayweather/McGregor Fight

While the euphoria of the fight between Mayweather/McGregor is still vibrating fans have taken to social media to slam Steve Harvey over his prime seat at the boxing match in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Fans are asking why he got a better view than Lebron James and other stars.

Steve Harvey, who appeared to be rooting for Mayweather was very noticeable ringside.

According to report 250 tickets were given for celebrities but they had a hard time deciding who among the  celebrities should have the best seat.

A twitter user responded that  “Steve Harvey having better seats than LeBron is the upset of the night in Vegas, regardless of if McGregor wins or not.”

Another fan tweeted “yall see steve harvey in the audience acting like a drunk uncle.”

One tweeted ” Steve Harvey had to buy his mustache a separate ticket.”

” Let Steve Harvey nowhere near the judges scores.” referring to Harvey blunder in 2015 Miss Universe by announcing the wrong winner.

Another fan tweeted “I love Mcgregor but the only way he`s winning this fight is if Steve Harvey announces the decision.”



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