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German nurse kills more than 90 patients

A German nurse Niels Hoegel, 40 jailed February 2015 for life for killing two patients with lethal drug overdose is believed to have killed up to 90 patients.

Investigators are exhuming more bodies and analyzing them and have found evidence of scores of additional murders.

According to the chief police investigator Arne Schmidt, Hoegel killed the patients ramdomly especially those in critical condition.

 Hoegel who admitted he injected patients with a drug that can cause heart failure or circulatory collapse  in order to revive them which gives him the euphoria of being a saviour when he succeed and devastated when he failed.

The case which dates back to 2005 when a colleague found the nurse injecting a patient with a lethal drug. The patient survived but the nurse was sentenced to seven and a half years in jail for attempted murder.

Hoegel had admitted to 30 cases in which he named patients he killed.

Investigators admitted they may never know the true number because some bodies were cremated.



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