Traditional healers runs to the police saying I am tied of eating human flesh

South African Village of Shayamoya, KwaZulu-Netal province has been gripped with fear following a suspected case of cannibalism.

A man who claimed to be a traditional healer Mkhonyovu has handed himself to the police saying he was tied of eating human flesh.

However, the police dismissed his statement until he showed his bloodied hand and foot as proof and was immediately arrested. He led the police to his home where police found eight human ears in a cooking pot.

A 25 year old woman Ms Hlatshwayo who has been missing since July was believed to be a victim of cannibalism ring Her decomposing body was found after the traditional healer was arrested.

Her clothes were found in the healer`s home. However, DNA is being awaited to confirm if the remains belong to the victim.

The traditional healer is believed to serve his customers the human flesh, assuring them of the  magical potency that conveys  money. power and protection.

The traditional healer who lives in a rental hut is nicknamed “Mkhonyovu” which loosely translated means “the corrupt one or corruption” in the local Zulu language.


A local politician Mr Majola  in a community meeting shortly after the first appearance of the suspects in court said “Most residents were shocked by this and now live in fear,” but Mr Majola says others were not surprised.

“A few confessed to have consulted with the traditional healer and knowingly ate human flesh,” he said.

“But what has angered most of us here is how gullible our people have become,” saying that Mkhonyovu’s customers were livestock thieves who were told he could make them invincible, even bulletproof, so that the police could not shoot them, said Mr Majola.

Mean while the South African traditional healers organizsation has denounced  the suspect.

Saying”Ritual killings and the use of human tissue are not part of traditional healing… this angers us as traditional healers because we have to constantly defend our honest work,” said Ms Maseko.

The five men, were arraigned in court on Monday, amid public protests outside the courtroom. They will make another court appearance at the end of September.

Image captionZanele Hlatshwayo’s body was found buried under these rocks
Relatives of Zanele Hlatshwayo
Image captionNozipho Ntelele, in white top, said Ms Hlatshwayo’s killing was brutal


Image captionThe traditional healer rented this hut from a brother of one of his accomplices
Traditional healer's items
Image captionPolice had locked the hut but items used in rituals can be seen through a crack in the door
Mthembeni Majola
Image captionMthembeni Majola said some villagers had willingly eaten human flesh



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