11 year old calls 911 on mom for drunk driving

11 year old boy calls 911 on mom from inside the car  over concern of drunk driving.

The woman Nicole Norris, 30 was arrested for driving under influence last week.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Shannon Wilde said Norris could face child endangerment charges because she had her son in the car with her.

According to the Sheriff “He was able to tell us how much he saw her drinking, and told us he thought she hit a curb,”

“Her driving was so bad he realized this was not normal.”

“He was a very brave courageous young man; sometimes doing the right thing is not easy,” Wilde added.

Wilde said 911 dispatchers used GPS coordinates from the boy’s cell phone to locate and track the vehicle.

“The dispatcher was trying to keep him on the line to get landmarks. At one point he saw a restaurant, so we were able to piece together what street they were on and where they were,” Wilde was told by a source that “It could have been a lot worse.”


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