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Rod Steward’s wife Penny Lancaster breaks down recalls sexual assault as a virgin by a designer

Wife of rock star Rod Steward Penny Lancaster wept today in an interview on ITV’s Loose Women as she recalled sexual attack as a virgin young model.

She recalled how her drink was spiked by a designer and she passed out and woke up and found him lying on top of her. She asked mothers to support their daughters if they too become victims.

She said: ‘Like with the series Liar, my drink was drugged and I can’t remember much of what happened, I just know that he was on top of me and enjoying the experience, but I certainly wasn’t. I don’t really remember much more. I was too afraid to tell anybody.’

‘I couldn’t tell my mum and dad because I thought they would be saying to me “what on earth were you doing going back to his house”.

‘But he was a guy that I had worked with and he promised me to meet other people and so I was naive and I trusted him.’

She added: ‘I had never had sex at that point so it was a frightening thing. You try to pretend it never happened… I was too afraid to tell anybody.’

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