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TOP ISIS female recruiter for foreign fighters arrested in Philippine

The Philippine  authorities have arrested a 36 year old woman Karen Aiza Hamidon for using the social media to recruit foreign fighters from around the world  for ISIS currently fighting in the southern city of Marawi in the Philippines where jihadists have waged a five month war.

She is said to be connected to 296 social media posts aimed at recruiting fighter for the ISIS affiliate muslim group in the southern part of Philippines.

In 2016 she  helped the ISIS affiliate to attract Indian nationals to join the radical Islamists in the southern province of Mindanao in the Philippines.


“It is very clear that her actions are in conspiracy, or in sync, with actions of the rebels. While her companions are fighting in Marawi, her part is to further recruit fighters to assist in the Marawi siege by the ISIS and Maute groups,” Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said in a press conference Wednesday.

“So in my opinion, she should be charged not only of inciting to rebellion but of the crime of rebellion itself,” he added.

Hamidon was married to Mohammed Jaafar Maguid who was killed by the police in January.



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