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Malawi vampire lynch mob 140 arrested

The police in Malawi one of the poorest countries in the world are stepping effort to arrest vampire lynch mobs. Already 140 people have been arrested.

Vigilante killings started on 16 September when three people suspected to be blood suckers were killed by a mob. On Thursday  a least eight people were killed in Blantyre and one was set on fire the other stoned to death.

Two people were arrested for threatening to suck people’s blood but the police said there is no medical report  of any victim of blood sucking.

One was set on fire and the other stoned, according to police.

Two others were arrested for threatening to suck people’s blood but police say they have no medical reports of any actual bloodsucking.

Report indicate that the rumour of blood sucking vampire originated from the border of Mozambique where there was report of violence this week.

Protesters in Mozambique are targeting police believing they are shielding the vampires leading to a northern town’s administrator to flee the city.

They villagers believe that human blood sucking is a ritual by some to get rich and they believe they are unable to catch the vampires because of their magical power.

For some that represents “the life of the hope being sucked out of them,” he said

Many aid agencies and non-governmental organisations work in Malawi, one of the world’s poorest countries.

Educational standards are low, with belief in witchcraft widespread. Vigilante violence linked to vampire rumours also erupted there in 2002.




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