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A couple lost hiking found in “sympathetic murder-suicide.”

A couple die in a murder suicide. Rachel Nguyen 20 and Joseph Orbeso 22 had gone missing for nearly three months while hiking in late July and failed to return. This led to extensive search the crew spent more than 2,100 hours scouring the rough terrain before finding their bodies in Joshua Tree National Park oct.15

They were seen locked in an embrace and appeared to have been rationing food and had no water. It is believed the two died in a “sympathetic murder-suicide.”

Autopsies found both had gunshot wounds and evidence at the scene led detectives to believe Orbeso shot Nguyen and then himself, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement Friday.

Austin who is a friend to Joseph Orbeso said”I think they got lost and were suffering in 100-degree heat,”

“They had a choice of a slow and painful death or a quick death and they made the choice of a quick death


“You can take a short hike and lose sight of the road, and, if you didn’t pay attention to what the landmarks look like, in the opposite direction, you could start wandering,” the team said.

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