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CCTV footage shows a woman using a child for pick-pocketing-video

CCTV footage has surfaced of a woman using a young girl for pick-pocketing at two supermarkets in Cape Town.

The video was first shared by Nick Norman on his Facebook account  whose wife was robbed of her cellphone at the Pick’n Pay by Boy de Goede Circle in Parkland, Cape Town, last Wednesday.

Norman’s wife can be seen in the second video, where she is obstructed by a woman while the child reaches into her bag and steals a cellphone.

According to Norman “My wife’s bag was in the shopping trolley, with the zip closed,” Norman told News24. “The incident happened at around 18h00, and she only realised two hours later that her phone was missing.

“So she backtracked her movements and eventually went back to the Pick ‘n Pay where she obtained this footage from the store manager.”

Norman has opened a case at the Tableview SAPS, and sent info to his neighbourhood watch, but no arrests have been made as yet. A similar incident occurred, allegedly on the same day at the local Spar, of which Norman also obtained footage. This can be seen in the first video by the bakery counter.

“It appears to be the same woman and child operating in the area; although in my wife’s incident it seems like more than one adult was part of the setup.”

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