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42 year college professor Ari Nagel “Sperminator” fathers 29 kids with 24 women-video

A 42 year old man Ari Nagel a college professor who calls himself the “Sperminator” who claims that his sperm is powerful than IVF treatment and has fathered 29 children with 24 different women with three more on the way. Said he will continue to go round the world to donate his seed to anyone that want it, adding he can not refuse anyone. Saying by the time he is 70 years he would have had hundred of kids calling him grandpa

In a bizarre interview with 78 year old Maury Povich show he said the whole affair started when he responded to an ad from a woman who was looking for a sperm donor.

“If someone asks me for my semen, I will not turn them down,”He also claimed he is not paid but that he only receives kisses, lots of love and joy.

“Women have offered to pay for my flight to Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam, and almost every state in the U.S. Any race, any religion, gay or straight, I won’t turn any woman away.”

“I’ve given my sperm to women in public restrooms, at casinos, I even gave it in a solo cup at a cookout,”  “It’s really always up to the mom. Sometimes they wanna do it the old-fashioned way, and sometimes they want it in a cup, sometimes we’d go to a fertility clinic and do it in the fertility clinic, sometimes I’ve even mailed it to them.” He added that sometimes, the woman’s partner is even in the room when he is sleeping with her, because they want to feel like they are part of the insemination process.

“I’ve had my sperm tested, and doctors told me that my sperm count is off the charts, in fact my sperm has worked in cases where IVF has failed,” he said.

He added that even the donation is seen as a business transaction, some the women have sued him for child support..

“I’m currently paying child support for nine kids – that’s more than half my paycheck!” he said. However, he is also a happy full-time father to many of his kids. “Some I see every day, some I see once a week, some I see once a year, it’s really up to the mom,” he said with a smile.

During the show some of the women he impregnated came forward to praise him for his wonderful role in the life of their children adding couldn’t have chosen any other man to start a family with.

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