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The Moment of Truth ruins two years relationship

Moment of truth hosted by Mark Lewis Walberg has ruined so many supposedly happy relationships.

In one of their old episodes a couple Jeff and Dennis who have been engaged for two years took the stage to answer questions.

The contestants are expected to answer truthfully all questions either Yes or No to advance to the utmost prize of $500,000. The polygraph determines which is the correct answer.

Usually contestants family members and friends are also present. In this instance, Jeff mother, sister and brother were present and Denice brother was present.

Walberg: Do you love Jeff’s mother?

Denice: No

Walberg: Do you think that Denice do things to deliberately annoy your mother?

Jeff: Yes

Walberg: During your six month break from Jeff did you have unprotected sex

Denice: Yes

Walberg: Have you ever slept with any of Denice girlfriend?

Jeff: Yes

Walberg: Do you have any money stuck anywhere unknown to Denice?

Jeff: Yes

Walberg: Is Denice the most important person in your life

Jeff: Yes ( The mother supported him saying your wife first before any other consideration)

Walberg: Is Jeff the most important person in your life?

Denice: No   (but her brother tried to explain why she said so, saying is because their mother is suffering from cancer.

After these questions and more they won $100,000.  However, before they left Walberg offered extra $5,000 for one more question which result will not affect the $100,000 they have won and they accepted. That was the bubble burst.

Walberg: Will you still marry Jeff?

Denice: Yes

Walberg: Will you still marry Denice?

Jeff: No

At this stage even Denice was shocked as she did not expect such answer. The family members were also surprise at the turn of event.

Even without the bait of the $5,000 the relationship could not have survived after the revelations.




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