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A US citizen charged with insulting president Mugabe on Tweeter

A US citizen charged for tweeting insulting message on Tweeter against president Robert Mugabe.

According to BBC a US citizen Martha O’Donovan 25 has been charged with insulting president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe on Twitter.

She was arrested at her home in Harare but has denied any wrong doing saying they are “baseless and malicious”.

O’Donovan who is based in Zimbabwe posted a message on Twitter that reads: “We are being led by a selfish and sick man”, with a photo showing that the veteran leader is surviving on a catheter.

She was arrested in an early morning raid in her home in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare,where electronic devices, computers and phones where seized

O’Donovan employer the Magamba TV, a satirical video outlet has tweeted on the development.




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