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US president Donald Trump’s Twitter account disappears for 11 minutes

A rogue employee of Twitter deliberately delete Donald Trump’s account for 11 minutes before it was re-activated. In a post twitter said through our investigation we have learned this was done by a twitter customer support employee…

The social media was driven into frenzy when the Twitter account of the US president Donald Trump @realdonaldtrump disappeared for 11 minutes.

However, twitter  owned up that the account was deliberately deactivated by a rogue employee who was leaving their customer service job at the company.

The sabotage took place shortly before 7 p.m. Thursday and disappeared for 11 minutes making people to think the account has been hacked.

The US president’s account has almost 42 million followers and it has become a veritable tool to disseminate information and to attack perceived enemies.

An initial visit to the account showed an error message that the account did not exist before it was finally reactivated.

Many twitter users took turn to joke about the missing account:

@RealDonaldTrump finally became president… for those brief few minutes when his personal Twitter account was down,’ joked one user.

‘We’ll all remember where we were during the 10 minutes of peace while Donald Trump’s Twitter account was down,’ said another.

‘If Trump’s Twitter account did in fact get deleted, that would be the first bit of good news we’ve gotten in a while,’ another quipped.

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