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26 suspected Nigerian girls found dead in the Mediterranean

The International Organisation for Migration said Tuesday that thirty four bodies were recovered from the  Mediterranean water and 26 of them are suspected to be female teenagers from Nigeria as they tried crossing to Italy in rubber boats.

There is doubt the girls were murdered by traffickers in league with European sex merchants. Since the traffickers  normally use a different route for their goods and can not  take the risk of loading the girls in a risky boat which may spell doom for their goods, as they usually describe the girls.

According to Salvatore Malfi, the prefect of the Italian port city of Salerno, it is early to come to conclusion about if the girls were headed for prostitution.

CNN was informed by the Italian authorities that they have launched an investigation about the girls’ death and have carried out autopsies to determine if they were sexually abused or tortured.

The girls were believed to be aged 14 and 18 said police chief Lorena Ciccotti.

In 2014 about 1,500 Nigerian women and girls made it to Italy and 80% of Nigerian women who arrived Italy  by sea  in the first six month of 2016 may have become traffic victims IOM report found.

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