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I have spoken to Robert Mugabe, he is fine- Jacob Zuma

The South African president Jacob Zuma earlier today said he has spoken to president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who has been confined to his home and that he is fine.

President Zuma who is the head of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), is sending Special Envoys to Zimbabwe and Angola in the midst of the growing turmoil in Zimbabwe.

The South African leader has also condemned the unconstitutional take over of power in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean army in a broadcast said it is targeting people who are causing social and economic problems in the country.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe’s state radio taken over in the early hours of Wednesday as the army announced it had intervened in the country’s political crisis has resumed its normal programmes.

All stations since early morning has been broadcasting recent statements from the army spokesperson Chiwenga announcing the military intervention.

The stations have been playing songs from the country’s independence war.




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