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How paying tithe saved my job

There has been argument on the desirability or not of paying tithe by new testament Christians. Most of these arguments are not backed by scriptures but emotions except people who mention Mal. 3:10 and for emphasis Mal. 3:8-11.

Tithe in the old testament was meant for the Levites because God did not give them inheritance with their brethren. Num.18:20-23 “Behold I have given the children of Levi all the tenth in Israel for an inheritance for their service which they serve, even the service of the tabernacle of the congregation…

Who are the Levites of today? they are the pastors that work in the vineyard of the Lord. The tithe is meant to take care of the pastors, all that are employed to work in the vineyard of the Lord and for the furtherance of the gospel.

Paying tithe has delivered many from the attacks and onslaught of the devil.

How paying tithe saved my job

I had just attended Sunday service few years ago but was in a hurry to church so I did not remember to pick my cheque for tithe. However, the following day being Monday I had the urgency to pay the tithe in the Morning but I had to get to the office. I asked someone to help me drop the tithe in the church but he said he can only be there by noon. I was not comfortable waiting till noon.

I drove to the office sign in my name and decided to drive to the church. I paid the tithe and I came back to the office.  Shortly after some clients came to the office to see me, before then they were processing a document but they were not sure whether to proceed or not  and I was waiting for their decision. Only for them to come and accuse me of delaying their document I tried to explain to them but  they were not interested in any explanation.

However, reason prevailed and they realised that they in fact were the ones delaying the certificate. Then they brought  two envelopes from their file and gave me and said they were supposed to have sent one to Abuja and the other one was my own copy.

I worked with a federal Government Parastatal until last year that have a strange way of treating such petition, once it gets to them you might receive a query or suspension both of them are the same, the next is you will be invited to Abuja to appear before the disciplinary panel. Next  you will be placed on indefinite suspension and finally termination of appointment or dismissal. The fact is no matter how clean you are you cannot escape termination.

These customers could have gone to send the letter before coming to the office to give me my own copy.  If I had delayed that tithe till afternoon nothing would have saved me from their hand but God intervened when I paid my tithe and confused them and told them to go to the office first. They gave me the petition letter which I tore to pieces.

Can you still argue on the power of tithing?

The truth is man is naturally selfish and greedy and have the tendency to hoard possession and money. Even if it is 5% you will still find people that will complain. It is not about 10% but about your love for God that will make you ready to give all.

By Wendy Prince Adeyemi

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