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When last did your pastor preach about rapture

Rapture is the greatest human event being awaited by Christians and even non Christians. Any one who could not make rapture is doomed to experience the great tribulation or escape it by receiving the mark of the beast 666. However, any person with the mark of the beast is forever doomed.

Apostle Paul who wrote: “….. For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. Therefore encourage one another with these words” 1Thessalonians 4:13-18.

However, as important as this event is to the Christians and the watch word is be ready and prepared at all times since it will happen suddenly unannounced.  Yet you don’t hear majority of pastors preach about it. They can preach success, breakthrough, business seminars, leadership, healing, deliverance and give prophesies but you will not catch them preaching the most expected event in human history-Rapture.

The first category of pastors are the ones building monuments, cities, empires, great cathedrals and have acquired great wealth and live in splendour.   I heard a pastor the other day saying God told him that in 2018 his ministry will have the first aircraft and ship. What does a church need a ship for when she is not trading on the high sea.  The cost of maintaining an aircraft in a year is enough to wipe out the poverty of many members forever.  These ones have no need for rapture and cannot preach rapture because of their monuments and cities as they can’t imagine leaving them behind. To them Jesus please don’t come yet. The bible rightly said where your treasure is that is where your heart will be also. So you cannot pile up treasures on earth and your heart will be in heaven. Not possible.

The second  category of pastors are the ones neck deep in immorality.  They sleep with both single and married in their churches. They keep girl friends and mistresses they even travel around with their mistresses  and girlfriends for preaching engagements under the disguise that  they are also going along to do God’s work. This they know is a fat  lie as they are mixing business with pleasure. In fact their members know them for who they are but can’t say a thing. This category can even perform miracles but as you know miracle is not a criteria for going to heaven but holiness.

A man of God told this story. He said he was in England and a man of God came to see him he told the reception to usher him in immediately.  However, the visiting man of God was surprised he was ushered in immediately because several men of God from Nigeria he came to visit kept him waiting for a while and when he is finally allowed in he will see a lady leaving the room.

These ones can preach any other topic but not rapture because they have already been raptured by their women and do not need rapture,  so Jesus should wait.


RCCG: Five members may make rapture. I am not even sure of the G.O. This church if you are rich you are likely going to be a pastor or a deacon/deaconess. My friend who is a pastor here told me he used to hide  his beer in the bedroom.

Winners:  Ten members may make rapture. Here their leaders pad their project cost and share it and live big while ordinary members are wondering how they are not bless like these ones but they do not know what they do. It is happening all over. No one want to be left out of prosperity. I am not blaming the man at the helm of affairs.

Deeperlife: Twenty members may make rapture. Many of their members believe that looking sanctimonious means holiness but not so because many are living in sin and some are witches and wizard. However because of the persistent preaching of the man of God on holiness and sanctification more may make rapture.

Mountian of fire: Fifteen members may make heaven

Catholic church: fifteen members may but excluding the pope.

Anglican church: three members but these people that are ordaining gay priest how can they be raptured but the African branch may produce people for rapture.

The Lord’s Chosen: Fifteen members may make rapture.

Christ Embassy: Five member may make rapture.

Dunamis: Ten members may make rapture.

Omega: four members may make rapture.

COZA:  Two members may make rapture but not the pastor.

House on the rock: Four members may make rapture.

House hold of God: I am not sure anyone is thinking of any rapture so no one is going to make rapture.

Mercyland: I am not sure he is thinking of rapture.

Champion: Four members may make rapture.

Methodist: No one may make rapture.

CAC: Twelve members may make rapture.

Cherubim: No one  may make rapture. Sometime ago I asked one Cherubim pastor why they take people to the river for spiritual bathe and express my concern about connecting people to water spirit. He replied that it is only if the person want it. Can you imagine!

You can add to the list.

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