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Outrage as Anglican Priest asks his congregants to pray for Prince George to be gay

An Anglican priest Kelvin Holdsworth has sparked outrage after a blog post asking congregants to pray in the privacy of their heart for Prince George to be gay.   He wrote God should bless Prince George with love, when he grows up, of a fine young gentleman

The post which was originally posted by him in 2016 has resurfaced on different media platforms.

The Scottish Episcopal minister had written a piece on how to change the Church of England. Though same sex marriage was legalised in England and Wales but it is not recognised by the church of England.

Prince George 4  is the third in line to the throne of England after Prince Charles and Prince Williams.

Condemning the minister Gaven Ashenden, a former chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II and a Christian Episcopal Church missionary bishop, accused Holdsworth of using Prince George as “a gender-political football” among followers.

Holdsworth in a post apologised for the outrage his post had ignited saying his words had been widely misrepresented.

According to him “I could spend the next few weeks defending that post and keep reminding people what it was originally about. However, it seems to me that isn’t likely to be fruitful,”.

“The issues about the church and its capacity to welcome same-sex couples who want to be married remain important,”

“I’m not interested in continuing it through a conversation about Prince George. I would urge others, those who agree with me strongly and those who disagree with me strongly to turn our attentions to the actual matter at hand.”






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